Historic Bulli Town Hall, from photo to architectural paper model

The model that helped save an historic town hall

Bulli Town Hall was built in 1930 and is located 70 kms south of Sydney, NSW, Australia. It served as the Town Hall for the Bulli area until Bulli was absorbed into Wollongong Local Council. In 2010 the town hall was earmarked for disposal by council administration citing structural damage caused by settlement resulting from an underground creek. The library was relocated to newer premises and the remaining community based building occupants faced eviction.

To rally support for the retention of the building as a community centre, an eightieth birthday party was organised and a kit model of the building produced by Hayler Heritage. Several built models of the Town Hall were exhibited in the post office and shops along the commercial strip to promote community awareness.

At the eightieth birthday celebration the local state member of parliament announced that the building would be refurbished and retained for community use.

In 2011 renovation work and repainting work commenced and the building is looking better than before.

How our models can help you

The three dimensional nature of Hayler Heritage models creates instant visual charm, and appeal to both the young and the young at heart—people just can’t resist picking them up and rotating them in their hands! And the simple joy of handling our oh so toy-like 3D structures can’t help but bring out memories in today’s time-poor of simpler bygone days.

People handling such models can’t help but associate warm, pleasant feelings with the object in their hands.

It is for this very simple reason that Hayler Heritage models work, on so many levels. People may bin promotional calendars and the like, but they won’t bin the novelty of receiving a 3D model to construct or hold. Our models are ideal for collectors and tourism operators, as corporate promotional material, as educational material, and for fund-raising to promote or save local heritage buildings and structures.

Our Commissions page lists ideas on how our models can promote your business whilst at the same time saving or promoting local heritage buildings or structures in your region.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information or to discuss your ideas with us.

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