Bulli Uniting Church, from photo to architectural paper model

About us

The principal of Hayler Heritage, Maurice Hayler, is a practising registered architect (NSW ARB No: 5198). Maurice works from original plans, measurements and photographs using 3D computer modelling software to develop realistic looking card models. From his professional base in Australia, he developed an interest in convict buildings and lighthouses which tell the story of the European settlement of a wild and isolated continent. As a member of Lighthouses of Australia Inc, that interest spread internationally.

Hayler Heritage currently has over 75 kit models in development, aimed variously at collectors, tourism operators, educational bodies, and corporate promotional and fund raising markets.

For example, in 2010 Hayler Heritage was commissioned by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) to design a kit model of an Australian lighthouse for a schools education project—the lighthouse was celebrating its 150th anniversary in November 2011. (AMSA has a similar role to the US and Canadian Coastguards.)

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