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Hayler Heritage models are valued by collectors and can provide a fine educational tool. But their standout quality is the joy of presentation, and this makes them equally attractive to the travel souvenir and corporate promotional sectors.
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Most models are HO railway scale which makes them appealing to railway model enthusiasts. Others will just collect and not open the packets.

Corporate Promotional

You don’t need to operate your business from an historic building or be based in an historic precinct to benefit from a Hayler Heritage model. By commissioning a model of an iconic heritage building or structure in your town you can show your support for the heritage item and add prestige to your business. For example, an engineering firm commissions a kit model of the local heritage town hall.

In our experience a surprising number of people in all walks of life are themselves closet railway and/or model enthusiasts. An unsurprising number of adult workers have families. Your clients might bin your Christmas calendar but they definitely won’t bin your model. Make an inquiry to see how we can tailor your corporate brand to a Hayler Heritage model.

Tourism operators

Our models make ideal souvenirs: they are collectable, beautiful, flat pack, extremely lightweight, traditional and are not made from ubiquitous plastic. Look around your gift shop and ask yourself how many of your existing retail lines offer those advantages.

Don’t assume you have to be a high-volume business: our models are intelligent, elegant and well-suited to a boutique operation. As they are timeless, a commission can represent a one-time cost that will continue to advantage your business over the years, whatever your turnover. Don’t just put chocolates on the pillow; send your business back home around the world.

In addition to the development of the model itself we can assist you in structuring a package that can extend your product to the educational market.


Kids and big kids love our models so much they don’t mind being educated along the way. A take home package from Hayler Heritage brings the school excursion home at the end of the day. The models themselves can be die-cut (pre cut) to avoid cutting blade injuries and we can tailor a simplified model to a younger class. We recommend the inclusion of fact sheets and postcards to add value and promote discussion.


See how a model saved a town hall.

If your community is approaching an important milestone consider marking the event with a Hayler Heritage model. We can model buildings into money boxes, candy boxes, trinket boxes, and the like.

Lady Bay Lighthouse