Commissions in action

Cape Wickham Lighthouse, King Island, Tasmania, Australia

Cape Wickham Lighthouse, the tallest lighthouse in Australia, celebrated its 150th anniversary in November 2011. The 48 metre high lighthouse is constructed of local stone and located on King Island in the Bass Strait.

The lighthouse was built after two ships were wrecked on King Island in the mid 1800s with the loss of over 600 lives.

To mark the anniversary of the lighthouse, the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) organised events on the island and commissioned Hayler Heritage to design a card kit model of the lighthouse. 2,000 die cut models were produced and distributed to school children as well as lighthouse preservation groups both locally and internationally.

In late 2011 Hayler Heritage received an email from a lighthouse enthusiast in Sweden saying that the Cape Wickham model was going to be included in the model lighthouse collection in the Lindesnes lighthouse museum in Norway.

Following the success of the Cape Wickham model, AMSA has engaged Hayler Heritage to design another model to celebrate the 150th anniversary later this year of another island lighthouse. Watch this space!

Lady Bay Lighthouse