Covehead Harbour Lighthouse, Prince Edward Island, Canada

The history of paper (or card) models

Paper card model building has been around for centuries, probably for as long as paper has been available. One of the oldest models in existence (in a Stockholm museum) is a paper scale model of a ship’s hull used by the shipbuilder as a reference tool for the construction of the ship “Nordstjernum” which was launched in Karslskrona in 1703.

Paper models were featured in magazines from the early 1900s but their heyday was around World War II when materials other than paper were in short supply or restricted because of the war effort. The most popular paper model designer of the 20th century was Englishman Wallis Rigby who designed hundreds of aircraft, locomotive, ship, space ship, truck and car models. Mail in 2 box tops from a “Wheeties” cereal box and you would receive a pair of paper aeroplane kits!

Lady Bay Lighthouse